Announcing Rosalind Sedacca’s new …

       Child-Centered Divorce Inner Circle Coaching Group 

Created for parents facing divorce, in the process of divorcing or transitioning after divorce – even years after!

If you love your children and want to protect them from the negative emotional and psychological consequences of divorce, this Coaching Group is for you!

We tackle all the issues separating and divorcing parents cope with during and after divorce – from a child-centered perspective that honors you and your children.

Bring your questions, your challenges, your insecurities and fears. Share your successes and wins!

Get support, feel supported and support others on the same path.

This group is NOT about:

  • Offering legal advice

  • Gender bashing

  • Blaming and shaming

  • Winning custody

  • Getting back at your Ex

The Inner Circle Coaching Group is ALL about:

  • Safeguarding your children

  • Avoiding mistakes than negatively affect your children

  • Co-Parenting strategies that work

  • Helping your children adjust during and after divorce

  • Mastering effective communication skills for tough issues

  • Attending to your children’s emotional needs

  • Honoring your own needs

  • Minimizing the emotional impact of your divorce

  • Accessing valuable resources to support you

  • Answering your most important parenting questions

  • Preparing for dating and new relationships

  • Opening the door to a better future for you and your kids

How It Works …

  • We have two live 60-minute Coaching calls every month

  • Calls are recorded and sent to you so you never miss a moment

  • One call focuses on important strategies, tips and relevant insights that you can immediately put to use

  • The second call gives you an opportunity to ask questions, get support and share personal experiences that will benefit the entire group

  • We also have a free private Child-Centered Divorce Forum so you can chat, interact and share experiences with others during off-call hours

The cost: just $97 for 3 months!

(2 calls a month)

 Starting Wednesday, February 4th – 8:30 pm ET


Participation in the

Child-Centered Divorce Inner Circle Coaching Group

is limited to assure everyone gets personal attention. 

So Reserve your place now!

 Starting Wednesday, February 4th – 8:30 pm ET

(2 calls a month) 



Meet Rosalind Sedacca, CCT

I’m a highly regarded Divorce & Parenting Coach, Founder of the Child-Centered Divorce Network for parents and author of the internationally acclaimed ebook, How Do I Tell the Kids About the Divorce? A Create-a-StorybookGuide to Preparing Your Children –with Love! I’ve also created the Mastering Child-Centered Divorce 10-hr Audio Coaching Program with workbook. In addition, I’m the co-host of the weekly Divorce View Talk Show and an expert contributor to the Huffington Post,,, KidzEdge Magazine and other major divorce and parenting websites and blogs. A divorced parent myself, I understand the challenges you are facing and can help you better cope with the emotional and psychological impact of divorce on both you and your children.

My goal is to help you make the best decisions on behalf of your children during and long after your divorce. They will thank you when they grow up as my son did. And that’s the greatest gift of all!

REGISTER NOW – Just $97 for 3 months!

(2 calls a month)

QUESTIONS? Contact me at [email protected]

(Please pass this along to friends, family and groups that might benefit)