Only YOU have the Power to Minimize

the Negative Impact of Divorce on

Your Innocent Children!

Do you want your children,

when they’re grown adults, 

to thank you for the way you handled your divorce?

Or will you let them be victimized by mistakes

that create anxiety, anger, guilt and resentment in your kids

because you just didn’t know better?


Dear Parent:

  • Are you worried about the well-being of your child(ren) following your divorce?
  • Are there tensions with your co-parent that frighten you or drive you crazy?
  • Are you feeling insecure about how your kids are handling life post-divorce?
  • Do you want support in making co-parenting decisions that are best for your kids?

I don’t have to tell you how complex and frustrating the divorce process can be. And when you add innocent children to the mix, you know the consequences! As a parent you have to be extremely careful to safeguard everyone’s physical, emotional and psychological needs. And that’s never easy.

Relax… there’s a solution.

After experiencing the same fears and frustrations as you are going through right now, I created my Mastering Child-Centered Divorce 10-hr Audio Coaching Program to successfully ease you through this very confusing process. This easy to understand, yet comprehensive audio course helps you resolve the day-to-day challenges of being a divorced parent. You’ll discover the warning signs of problems, behaviors to avoid, the path to peaceful resolution for co-parenting challenges, resources available to you, proven success strategies and stress-reduction tips.

Don’t go it alone. 
I’m here to help you with the answers to your questions such as:

  • How to de-fuse conflict with your former spouse while maximizing positive communication
  • How best to handle questions, depression, tension, arguments and other behaviors from your children
  • What to expect from children of different age groups – from toddlers through teens
  • How to stay centered and take care of your own emotions and needs during this time of transition
  • How best to take advantage of the expertise of attorneys, mediators, therapists and other professionals – while not being “taken” yourself
  • How to handle weekly routines, schedules, activities and other responsibilities without losing your cool
  • Coping skills for co-parenting, single-parenting, dating again and other complex challenges that come with parenting after divorce

I can help provide the solid guidance, solutions and tools you need to make the best decisions for you and your children as you transition through and beyond your divorce.

Mastering Child-Centered Divorce

10-hr Audio Coaching Program

Mastering Child-Centered Divorce Audio Coaching Program

Mastering Child-Centered Divorce Audio Coaching Program

Look at everything you’ll get:

  • Rosalind Sedacca’s  6-part Coaching Program, in easy-to-listen-to audio MP3 format. Each section covers a different aspect of parenting during and after divorce. I answer questions, suggest exercises, and offer real-life solutions to real parents experiencing the obstacles and fears most all of us face. You’ll feel supported, wiser and more capable of facing your own issues as they appear.
  • Step-by-Step Child-Centered Divorce Coaching Workbook. Each audio coaching lesson relates to material in the accompanying Workbook, including thought-provoking assignments, probing questions, valuable resources and other content related to divorce and parenting issues.
  • How to Avoid the Biggest Divorce Mistakes Most Parents Make — a Coaching audio that delves into the emotional impact on children when parents make decisions based on anger, selfishness, poor judgment or lack of awareness about their psychological needs.
  • How to Talk to Your Children — a Coaching audio that reveals the secrets of effective communication with your children and former spouse to create and maintain a rewarding Child-Centered Divorce.
  • A Parent’s Guide to Dating Successfully After Divorce — a Coaching audio that explores the right time and best ways to approach dating when you’re a divorced parent. Discover how to avoid serious mistakes that negatively impact your children and their future relationship with you.
  • Guest Expert audio interview with Michael Mastracci, Esq., the author of the outstanding book, STOP Fighting Over the Kids! Resolving Day-to-Day Custody Conflict in Divorce Situations. You won’t want to miss this solution-packed call with a compassionate expert who really cares about divorced parents and their children!

Who is Rosalind Sedacca, CDC?

After my own divorce I discovered, through trial and many errors, solid  strategies and techniques that really work for real-life tough times:  how to diffuse tension and negotiate effectively with my ex … how to support my son through his anger, fear and hurt … and how to pick my battles and create win/win solutions for even the most challenging situations. I also mastered the art of dating again without creating anxiety and sabotaging behaviors (more common than you may believe) from my son. In fact, I’m now happily remarried and my son loves my husband while still having a very close relationship with his Dad.

Today I’m recognized as the Voice of Child-Centered Divorce.  I am a Certified Corporate Trainer turned Divorce & Parenting Coach and Founder of the Child-Centered Divorce Network. We help separating, divorcing as well as divorced parents find the information, expert advice and other resources they need to create the most successful outcome for themselves  and especially for their children! (

I am also the author of the internationally-acclaimed ebook, How Do I Tell the Kids about the Divorce? A Create-a-Storybook Guide to Preparing Your Children — with Love! You’ll find my articles and blogs featured on The Huffington Post,, KidzEdge Magazine and dozens other other divorce and parenting blogs and websites.

My book, website and wisdom are all based on my own successful experiences with divorce and co-parenting as well as coaching clients for seven years!

See what other parents just like you are saying…

“Your coaching program was enlightening–and while I saw mistakes I made, I can now, instead of cringing and castigating myself, see opportunity–how I can change! It also really helped me emotionally to hear your story (I feel so guilty all the time …) Great program!” — Sally T, St. Louis, MO

“Thank you for your wonderful audio coaching program. My divorce has been completed for some time and I certainly wish I had your course during the time of my divorce. It would have helped my family immeasurably. Your work is important and you are doing a fantastic job. I wish that all families going through divorce could have your program and benefit from your knowledge and wisdom. As a divorce coach and mediator, I will certainly recommend your work to my clients.”–Naomi Douglas, Divorce & Separation SOS

“I am going to reflect on your coaching calls and have some talks with the children. Thanks for your program. You have helped me in significant ways.”
–Beverly M, Brooklyn, NY

“Thanks for your great work! I really appreciate it and have already learned a lot of helpful things for me and my family.” –Allan B, Atlanta, GA

“I enjoyed listening to the topics and gleaned much information from them. Thanks!” –Tracey S, Omaha, NE

Your children deserve the best parenting possible — especially after divorce!

Don’t let them down! It’s easier when you have sound support!

Divorce doesn’t have to emotionally scar your children. When you understand the strategies that create a positive child-centered divorce you avoid the pitfalls that lead to negative consequences. Everyone wins – in the short term and for decades to come! Isn’t that your goal for your family?

My Mastering Child-Centered Divorce 10-hr Audio Coaching Program — featuring ten one-hour audio lessons  — plus my Child-Centered Divorce Coaching Workbook — has a retail value of more than $297.

While others have paid $297 for this program in the past, 

I’m offering it to you today for just $97!

SPECIAL BONUS!  Stop Fighting Over the Kids

Stop Fighting Over the Kids: Resolving Day-to-Day Custody Conflict in Divorce Situations, an outstanding book by compassionate attorney Mike Mastracci that I highly recommend to all my clients. Now you can download this book and benefit from its unique insight, wisdom and perspectives that are not shared by most divorce and child custody lawyers. (A $27 value!)

In all you get ten full hours of insight, awareness, strategies and tools — plus your interactive Workbook and acclaimed Bonus Gift Book — to make parenting in the months and years ahead smoother, happier and more successful than you imagined possible! 

Isn’t that what you want for your children?

NO RISK — 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!   rozguarantee      

I’m so confident that you’ll get such value from my Mastering Child-Centered Divorce 10-hr Audio Coaching Program that I make this  Guarantee: If, after listening to and reading the content, absorbing the advice and using the Workbook you are not completely satisfied with the value of this program, send me an email telling me why (because I value your feedback) at [email protected] and I’ll give you a complete refund of your purchase price. No hassles.  This guarantee is in place for a full 4 weeks, so your order today is totally risk-free!    

Delivered with conviction and compassion, this coaching program gives you insights and information you’ll want to hear over again, and possibly also share with your child’s other parent.

If you care about minimizing the impact of divorce on your innocent children, my comprehensive Mastering Child-Centered Divorce 10-hour Audio Coaching Program is the course for you! Its content-rich coaching messages are sure to make a positive difference for you and your family in the months – and years – to come!

Get the entire Program today – for just $97!


Do you love your children more than you may dislike your Ex?

Do you want to protect your children from

needless hurt and emotional pain?

Then take the first step now to get started on the road to Mastering Child-Centered Divorce. To order your Audio Coaching Program to download, listen to and read at your convenience, just click the button below!

Sincere best wishes,

Rosalind Sedacca, CDC
The Voice of Child-Centered Divorce

PS: This outstanding coaching program is endorsed by Online Parenting Programs, Inc., the Kids Come First Coalition, the Divorce View Talk Show and Hope After Divorce for its quality material and caring delivery. It will make a valuable difference in creating a respectful, harmonious and positive future for your family and especially for the children you love! Click now to order your 10-hour Audio Coaching Program today!