As you know, the Child-Centered Divorce Network offers you a NO-COST way to access guidance, insight, direction and support from myself and divorce experts around the world. Our purpose is to help you and your family as you move through and transition after divorce in the best possible way.

My ezine gives you a weekly reminder of how and why your child-centered focus will pay off for your kids in the months and years ahead. My Child-Centered Divorce blog keeps fresh suggestions coming your way on a broad range of significant topics.

For those in immediate need I also provide Private Coaching. Due to the depth of our work together I give these clients the primary focus of my energy, time & commitment.

But I want to support our entire community as well. So I’m now offering a format by which you can ask burning questions that I will answer via facebook.

I’m providing a special email address for you to send me your question. Limit it to no more than 150 words.

Every week I will select and personally respond to one question sent to me at: [email protected].

It will be a question I feel will benefit and support the most people.

I’ll post the answer on my facebook page at: Child-Centered Divorce Network:

Some questions will also be added to my blog and my ezine email broadcast.

This way, we can all learn, resolve and evolve together as a community from shared insights and guidance. Sometimes I will bring in a trusted divorce professional to provide their expertise as well.

Experience has shown me that challenges faced by one family are very often shared by others. So this is a great opportunity to learn from one another and grow in the process!

Of course, there’s no cost to participate.

Just ask the questions that are keeping you stuck in creating the best possible outcome for you and your children before, during or after divorce. And I’ll do my best to offer some clarity, options or new directions to consider.

Please provide your name, nearest city and state (country) in your email request. If you prefer that I don’t use your name in the response, just let me know. I will protect your anonymity!

So send your questions to me today at [email protected]. Please visit the Child-Centered Divorce Network on Facebook and LIKE us. Then watch for my answer to the selected question posted there every week.

Of course, we invite you to add your own comments and feedback to the Facebook conversation, as well.

Send your question to me now at: [email protected].

I’m here for you and your family!

Rosalind Sedacca

The Voice of Child-Centered Divorce

P.S. Please feel free to share this opportunity with anyone you know who may benefit from the divorce and parenting advice provided. And … should you desire direct personal telephone Coaching for your challenges, contact me at [email protected] and I’ll get back to you with Coaching details.