Co-Parenting is never easy.  

Giving your kids a better life makes it all worthwhile!


Dear Parent,

Let’s face it: divorce is far more dramatic when you’re a parent. While the marriage may be over, your parenting responsibilities will never end. They just change form. Now you’re a co-parent, shared parent, single parent – whatever you call it, the reality is the same: 

Your children still need parents who love them.

But do you love your children more than you may dislike (or even hate) your Ex?

Every divorced parent has to face that question. And how you answer it may well be the most important decision of your life!

Why? Because it affects the emotional and psychological well-being of your children in more ways than you might imagine.

Children innately love both parents. When forced to choose sides, hear one parent badmouthing the other or are exposed to ongoing parental conflict, it changes who they are. They lose the innocence of childhood. They question the value of love. They’re filled with anxiety, guilt or shame about their feelings. They turn inward with depression – or act out in anger, fear or despair. You’re now dealing with behavior problems that never existed before – and the consequences only escalate as the kids age!

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way.

It wasn’t for me. And I don’t want that painful outcome for you and your children either.

When my son grew up and thanked me for the way his Dad and I handled co-parenting after our divorce, I knew I had a message to share. That’s when I founded the Child-Centered Divorce Network for parents, became a Divorce & Parenting Coach, and wrote my signature book on telling kids about the divorce.

Now I’ve created a powerful, yet low-cost resource especially for you …


Making Life Better For You & Your Children 

Effective co-parenting tips to make life better
for you and your children.

Based on more than 15 years of in-the-trenches co-parent mentoring and divorce coaching!

Honestly, isn’t that what we all really want – a better life for our children? Especially after divorce? Well, it’s not only possible, it’s in your hands to do that for your kids. I’ve made it easy to learn how.

Parenting Beyond Divorce prepares you for tackling sticky situations … diffusing tensions … making better long-term decisions … and giving your children the parenting they need long after divorce.

This is a MUST-HAVE guidebook that will serve and support you for years to come!

Discover how to handle …

  • Co-parent anger directed at you
  • Your anger/frustration at your co-parent
  • Children’s anger and resentment about the divorce
  • Children acting out and taking sides
  • Challenging life situations following divorce
  • Tough questions and decisions
  • Other obstacles that create conflict and frustration

PARENTING BEYOND DIVORCE is a digital guidebook that helps you:

  • Understand the divorce experience for kids of all ages
  • Talk to your children about moving on after divorce
  • Prepare for kids’ reactions and behaviors at different age levels
  • Cope with anger in your children
  • Address issues with an angry Ex
  • Deal with your own anger
  • Avoid being triggered by your Ex
  • Communicate effectively to avoid conflict and adapt to parenting style differences
  • Handle emotional upheaval including hurt, guilt, shame and blame
  • Boost self-confidence and independence in your kids
  • Create a brighter future for you and the children you love!

This program combines personal insights, examples, strategies and valuable resources for one primary purpose: to give you peace of mind. Parenting after divorce can be a lonely, bumpy road. But you don’t have to go it alone. That’s why I created this guidebook. included a valuable bonus … and kept the price so low! 


is specially priced for the Child-Centered Divorce community at just $37!

Plus you get a special free bonus — for added peace of mind —

when you buy now: a $9.97 value!


      Embracing A Child-Centered Divorce: Because You Love Your Children


I’m so confident of the benefits you’ll get from PARENTING BEYOND DIVORCE that I make this Guarantee: If, after reading the content and absorbing the advice, you are not completely satisfied with the value of this guidebook, send me an email telling me why (because your feedback is important to me) at [email protected] and I’ll give you a complete refund of your purchase price. No hassles.

This guarantee is in place for a full 4 weeks after purchase, so your order today is totally risk-free!


Praise for this guidebook says it all …

“Rosalind’s PARENTING BEYOND DIVORCE program was transformational for me in the way I began to better understand the healthiest ways to communicate with my ex and my children during my divorce.  She empowered me to embrace co-parenting with the most important question any divorced parent can ever ask: ‘What is in the best interest of my children right here now?’  Her program gave me a multitude of wise and practical skills to use with my children and my ex that have resulted in better relationships all around, and most importantly – happier children!” 
     -Gretchen TenBrook, Divorce Coach 
“Rosalind consolidated the essence of co-parenting success strategies into a very practical and simple format that I refer to before reacting to difficult situations.  Her advice and tips are helping me make decisions or responses that best protect my kids while adding to my own sense of confidence and peace of mind.”                                                                           
     -Tom S, Divorced Father  


“Thanks so much for Parenting Beyond Divorce. This is an outstanding co-parenting tool for me and my ex. We refer to it frequently.”

    -Stefani O, Dayton, OH


Yours for immediate download … just $37

This guidebook is for you if you’re tired of …

  • Fighting over the kids
  • Feeling overwhelmed, confused or unsure re: parenting decisions
  • Looking for more successful options for handling disagreements
  • Repeated battles about the same issues
  • Living with tension, fear, anxiety or anger toward your ex 

So here’s a quick review. The PARENTING BEYOND DVORCE digital guidebook comes  …

  • Packed with advice, strategies and tips for parenting more effectively and successfully after divorce – including how to handle challenging situations, difficult co-parents and unhappy children. Plus Points to Ponder and questions to answer.
  • Along with a free ebook revealing insights every divorced parent needs to know and implement — valued at $9.97!

And now you can have it all … for just $37.00! 

Surprised by the low price? It’s an incentive to act quickly. This high value, easy to access content is distilled from years of coaching insights. It’s a real bargain at just $37.

So if you’re thinking about tapping into my wisdom as a Divorce & Parenting Coach, Founder of the Child-Centered Divorce Network and internationally recognized podcast host, now’s the time to do it. 

Don’t put it off. If you want to give your children the future they deserve, this is the guidebook for you. And NOW is the time to order!

Sincere best wishes to you and your family,

Rosalind Sedacca, CDC

The Voice of Child-Centered Divorce


P.S. I created this digital program especially for members of the Child-Centered Divorce Network. My goal is to give you the tools and resources to make life after divorce as smooth a process as possible. If you’re a parent who really cares about the effects of divorce on your children, or if you were sent to this page by a friend or colleague who knows you belong here, I thank you. And I sincerely encourage you to take advantage of the many benefits you’ll experience from reading and implementing the advice in PARENTING BEYOND DVORCE and its valuable bonus – at this surprisingly low price!