Parent Acclaim for Mastering Child-Centered Divorce

Audio Coaching Program

Mastering Child-Centered Divorce Audio Coaching Program


Thank you for your wonderful Mastering Child-Centered Divorce Audio Coaching program. My divorce has been completed for some time and I certainly wish I had your course during the time of my divorce. It would have helped my family immeasurably. Your work is important and you are doing a fantastic job. I wish that all families going through divorce could have your program and benefit from your knowledge and wisdom. As a divorce coach and mediator, I will certainly recommend your work to my clients.

Naomi Douglas, Sydney, Australia
Divorce & Separation SOS


Your Audio  Coaching Program has been a life-saver for me. I’ve learned so much of value about what to expect from my kids and how to best communicate with my ex. The workbook exercises are very useful as well. Many thanks!

Darleen F, Newburgh, NY


This 10-hr Audio Coaching Program for parents is just what I was looking for. Every tip is useful and the bonus interviews are just fantastic!

George P, Reno, NV


Can’t thanks you enough for your Mastering Child-Centered Divorce Audio Coaching Program. I’ve listened to several of the audios repeatedly and put your advice to good use. Things have mellowed out considerably with my ex. Really appreciate it!

Sam B, Akron, OH


Many thanks to you Rosalind. The more you spread the word about decency the more ears will listen. Some people get so emotionally damaged and want spouse revenge, which does hurt the kids. Your approach is so sensible and easy to understand. I am grateful that you will be a force to spread this concept…decency. 
Karen Anne Kramer, NY