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Child Centered Divorce

The caring support you need if you're a parent who's facing ... going through ... or moving on after divorce!
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Created by Rosalind Sedacca, CDC


Divorce Or Stay? Protect Your Kids Eithe...

Divorce Or Stay? Protect Your Kids Either Way!
Parents Fighting Around Kids At Home By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC  Stay together for the sake of the kids? Generations of miserable parents followed that advice hoping their sacrifices would pay off for their children in the end. Many still believe that’s the only option for parents stuck in a dead-end marriage. As a Divorce & Co-Parenting Coach and Founder of the Child-Centered Divorce Network, I have another perspective. Having been raised by parents who chose to stay together in a miserable marriage, I personally opted in on the divorce side. For me, divorce is preferable to years of living in a home where parents fight, disrespect one another and children are immersed in sadness and anger. That’s the world I grew up in and the scars are still with me today, many decades later! I stress that staying in a marriage only for the kids is

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What Children of Divorce Wish Their Pare...

What Children of Divorce Wish Their Parents Knew & Understood!
Children are deeply affected by divorce: do it right! By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC  Children of divorce learn a lot from their parents. They pick up on feelings, both shared and hidden, as well as on spoken and unspoken messages. They watch their parents’ behavior and experience the consequences of the decisions and choices both parents make.  Most children can’t express what they’re seeing and learning, but they know what they feel. And they understand what it’s like to be confused, angry, hurt or afraid. If your child could tell you what it’s like to be in their shoes, you’d likely try to be more sensitive when talking to them or about them. Sadly, most children can’t put their feelings in words -- even teens. So, it’s up to parents who are facing divorce or parenting after divorce, to be especially empathic toward their children. What your

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Divorce Experts Support Parents With Gif...

Divorce Experts Support Parents With Gift Resources In January For Child-Centered Divorce Month
By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC  For the past 14 years January has been recognized as International Child-Centered Divorce Month. Divorce professionals on four continents around the world have come together on a special website with free gifts and resources for parents. These include ebooks, coaching services, video webinars and more for parents facing, moving through or transitioning after divorce. You are invited to visit for immediate access to many of these valuable gifts. January, following the winter holiday season, is the month when most divorces are filed. This year, due to the pandemic, divorces are increasing around the world. And co-parenting challenges for already divorced parents are increasing. That’s why it’s so important for parents, therapists, attorneys, educators and other professionals to put children's needs first when divorce or separation is pending. Poor parental decisions lead to bad divorce outcomes for kids! Most of the negative consequences of divorce result

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Free Advice, Support & Resources for Parents Coping With Divorce Issues Available in January By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC It’s no surprise that more divorces are filed in January, after the holiday season, than any other month. That’s why I selected January to be recognized as International Child-Centered Divorce Month each year. As founder of the Child-Centered Divorce Network, our goal is clear. We want to educate parents about how to prevent negative consequences for children during and after separation or divorce. We also want to alert parents about the effects of divorce on children. That includes how to safeguard their wellbeing, co-parent more effectively and avoid serious mistakes during and long after a divorce. I’ve asked divorce attorneys, mediators, therapists, financial planners, coaches, parenting experts and other professionals around the world to participate. Each one is providing complimentary educational material for parents. This now includes ebooks, coaching services, video webinars

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Choosing The Right Divorce Team Is A Gif...

Choosing The Right Divorce Team Is A Gift To Your Family!
By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC Over the past dozen plus years, through the Child-Centered Divorce Network, I have met a remarkable community of divorce and parenting experts. Each of them has focused their careers on supporting and assisting people moving through and beyond divorce. It is essential for you to put together a team of professionals before you move ahead with major life-altering divorce decisions. It’s far easier to make changes during the negotiation period than it is to undo a divorce settlement after the fact. Consider All The Options -- Then Choose Your Trusted Team Carefully! One group to consider seriously are Collaborative, Amicable or Child-Centered divorce attorneys. This special breed really cares about helping families avoid unnecessary litigation. This saves couples both money and sanity, especially when children are concerned. Others I highly recommend are Mediators devoted to assisting couples moving through the maze of decisions regarding divorce. They

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Want A Peaceful Child-Centered Divorce: ...

Want A Peaceful Child-Centered Divorce:  Parents, It’s Up To You!
By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC Picture this: you’re getting divorced and you’re angry, resentful, hurt, or any combination of other painful emotions. You want to lash out at, or maybe get back at your soon to be former spouse. Hiring the most aggressive divorce lawyer you can find seems like your smartest choice. You are gearing up for a fight! But stop.  Think. If you are a parent, you may be making a choice you regret for a long time. If you choose a lawyer who directs you into a vicious court battle, the costs may be insurmountable. Not only the financial expenses, but the emotional costs as well. Keep Out Of The Courts Think long and hard before you move your divorce battle into the legal system. If you do, it's likely to take its toll on every member of your family – especially your children. And sadly, in the

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5 Ways To Minimize How Divorce Impacts Y...

5 Ways To Minimize How Divorce Impacts Your Children
By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC Communication with your children is always important But never as essential as when they are impacted by separation or divorce. Children are vulnerable and easily frightened by changes in their routines. The more you talk to and comfort them, the less stress and anxiety they’ll experience. This is the time to reassure your children that you are taking care of matters. To remind them that everyone in the family will be okay. Then, of course, take responsibility for doing what needs to be done to assure their well-being. Here are five important ways you can minimize the impact of divorce on your children to help them thrive during and after your divorce. 1.  Strive for normalcy and routine: It's important to keep as much normalcy in your children’s lives as is feasible. Maintaining relationships with friends and neighbors provides a sense of stability and continuity. Keeping

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4 “Other Woman” Mistakes Divorcing Moms

4 “Other Woman” Mistakes Divorcing Moms Must Never Make!
Never fight around your kids regardless of the topic By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC When the “other woman” is in the picture, divorce can be vastly more complicated for divorcing parents. (Of course, it’s the same with the “other man.”) However, the challenges that can come with the "other woman” and infidelity don't change the parenting rules. Of course, you’re coping with tremendous emotional turmoil. And you deserve to be heard, validated and treated with great compassion at this time. But your kids deserve great compassion as well! When you’re a parent it is essential that you don’t make the big “never do” mistakes when talking to your children and dealing with the OW – as tempting as it may be to do otherwise. Here are 4 “never do mistakes” you must avoid to show you love your kids more than you hate the “Other Woman”! Sharing

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Don’t Make Your Pet Another Casualty Of

Don’t Make Your Pet Another Casualty Of Divorce!
Pets help children cope with divorce By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC Abandoned pets are one of the many sad outcomes of divorce. Marital problems, conflict and ultimately divorce is behind a significant number of pet turn-ins for animal shelters every year. Often one spouse doesn’t want to take the dog or cat while the other can’t keep them due to downsizing or reduced income. Many rental apartments won’t take pets over twenty pounds or allow more than one animal per unit. Sometimes couples will fight over dogs and cats as well as other pets. Often, they bring the conflict into mediation or attorney negotiations with as much emotion as their battles over child custody. However, in most regions of the world, pets are still considered property, much like a car or furniture. The emotional connection to the family is not a factor in determining pet custody or

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Talk “To” – Not “At” – Your Child … Thro

Talk “To” – Not “At” – Your Child … Through Divorce And Beyond!
By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC Mental health experts always remind parents about the importance of talking to their children. Unfortunately, many parents need just such a reminder -- especially in today’s mega-paced culture. When life moves past Coronavirus fears and we’re not forced into quarantine we’ll be getting back into more familiar structure. Here are some thoughts to keep in mind about communicating effectively with your kids. Just sitting down to a family dinner together can become a major accomplishment. Too often busy parents find themselves talking “at” their children, but not “to” them. And most especially, not “with” them. This, of course, is problematic in any family trying to raise socially, emotionally and spiritually healthy children. However, it is especially dangerous if that family is facing the challenges of divorce or separation.  If your parent-child communication skills and rapport is not optimal before discussions about divorce or family lifestyle changes

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