protect children of divorceBeing a single parent after a divorce or separation can be challenging. That’s why Family Transitions developed the eNew Beginnings course. It’s recognized as the most well-researched and effective online parenting classes available today. Equally important, It’s also designed to support moms and dads in being the kind of parent they want to be during this stressful time.

eNew Beginnings focuses on the building blocks of effective parenting after divorce or separation. Through separate classes for moms and dads, the programs offer the best evidence of positive outcomes for children.

Both parents benefit from learning:

  1. Practical Tools to Protect Children from Conflict
  2. How to Reduce Interparental Conflict
  3. Ways to Decrease Children’s Mental Health Problems
  4. Listening Tools to Get Children to Share More
  5. Skills to Improve Parent’s Relationship with Children
  6. Effective Tools to Decrease Children’s Misbehaviors
  7. Positive Activities to Enjoy with Their Children

Long-term payoffs:

Proven Positive Outcomes: The eNew Beginnings is the online version of
the in-person program proven to reduce multiple child mental health and substance use problems up to 15 years later using the gold standard of research – a randomized trial.

Less Conflict Between Parents: Reducing parental conflict improves the life and wellbeing of parents and children alike so they can each move ahead more confidently and successfully.

Convenient and Flexible:

  • Take Anywhere, On Any Device: This 100% online course is accessible via computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Log In and Out As Needed: The course is designed to fit every  lifestyle. Parents can log in and out as needed, with all progress saved for added convenience.
  • 4-6 Hours Completion Time: Each unit includes about 30 minutes of online videos and exercises over 6 or 10 sessions.
  • Instant Downloadable Certificate: Once a parent completes the course and passes the skills proficiency exam, they can instantly download, print, or email their certificate to the court (6-session program only).

Improved Communication and Other Benefits For Life:

Enrolling in the eNew Beginnings Classes is a win-win for parents who are working with coaches, therapists, mediators and other divorce support. It helps parents learn respectful communication skills and anger control, encouraging healthier and smoother relationships with their children, former spouse, relatives and legal professionals.

eNew Beginnings can be the foundation for an enriching journey towards positive parenting during challenging times!

Internationally Recognized and Respected:

  • Recognized by Leading Scientific Journals and Registries of Evidence-based Programs
  • Thoroughly Researched Online Course
  • Strengthens Parent-Child Relationships
  • Improves Children’s Mental Health
  • Easy and Affordable

To learn more about the eNew Beginnings 6 or 10 session programs visit: