Co-Parenting With An Addict After Divorce: Advice For Both Parents!
By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC Getting divorced and then co-parenting is especially challenging for parents who are coping with addiction issues. Or find themselves co-parenting with an addict. This is even more complicated if one or both parents are not fully dependable, trustworthy or responsible. 6 Challenges That Complicate the Co-Parenting  Experience Difficulties can be compounded by the many issues all parents face following a divorce. This includes one or both parents …   1)  Giving the raw emotions resulting from the divorce an active voice in this new stage in their lives. 2)  Bringing previous baggage from the marriage into play. Ongoing conflicts, differing styles of communication, unresolved issues and continual frustrations can hinder negotiating a co-parenting plan. 3)  Vying for the respect and love of the children. It can be tempting to make parenting decisions in ways that win them popularity with the kids. 4)  Letting anger and resentment

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