5 Ways To Help Your Kids Genuinely Thrive After Your Divorce!
By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC How do you know your kids are managing well after your divorce? As a divorced parent you owe it to your children to diligently watch their behavior. And listen to their conversations. In addition, to be aware of any changes that may be due to challenges related to the divorce. Children can adapt well to life after divorce. But it’s up to you to catch signs they may be confused, anxious, insecure or in other ways having problems coping with their new reality. Here are 5 vitally important ways to know your children are doing well, and thriving, despite your divorce: They continue to thrive at school When school grades fall or aggressive behavior develops, parents need to be proactive and not wait on the sidelines. Conversations with teachers and school counselors can give you a better perspective on your child’s needs. Don’t hesitate to talk

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