Talk “To” – Not “At” – Your Child … Through Divorce and Beyond
By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC Most parents don't know how to talk to their children. It's one of the underlying reasons for parent-child communication, respect and trust issues within the family dynamic. You wouldn't think one would need to be reminded to talk to your children. Unfortunately, many parents need just such a reminder -- especially in today's mega-paced culture in which just sitting down to a family dinner together seems to be a major accomplishment.  Too often busy parents find themselves talking "at" their children, but not "to" them. And most especially, not "with" them. This, of course, is problematic in any family trying to raise socially, emotionally and spiritually healthy children. However, it is especially dangerous if that family is facing the challenges of divorce or separation.  If your parent-child communication skills and rapport is not optimal before discussions about divorce or family lifestyle changes come up, the likeliness

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