Why YOU Should Resolve Your Parenting  Divorce Disputes – Not a Judge!
By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC Family-focused divorce attorneys are passionate about keeping parents out of court when handling disputes over child custody. These lawyers know that long-term outcomes are better when the decisions are made by the parents themselves rather than left to the legal system. Most parents continue to co-parent their children after divorce. Except for circumstances where children are at risk, parents have the responsibility to put the their children first by working out a parenting plan that is in the children’s best interests. Here’s the key point to keep in mind. If you are unable to resolve your children’s issues with your co-parent, a judge will! There are some very good reasons to avoid that: 1. The custody evaluation process can humiliate, frighten and compromise your children, and cause them enduring emotional harm.  2. Custody cases are tremendously expensive. Parents must not only pay their own lawyers, but

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