5 Ways To Ease Between-Home Transitions For Your Kids After Divorce
By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC During divorce proceedings parenting plans or contact schedules are usually established to create a semblance of routine in this new chapter of family life. I am a strong believer in co-parenting whenever possible to serve the best interest of your children. But it’s the reality of post-divorce daily life that puts everyone to the test. Here are 5 important ways to ease the co-parenting process and between-home transitions for everyone involved. Be more focused on your kids’ wellbeing than yours. Co-parenting is not about you. It’s about your children’s quality of life. If you have to overlook some annoyances to achieve a more peaceful outcome, do it. For your kids. For the greater good. For your own overall sanity! You’ll work out touchy issues more smoothly if you enter the process remembering this is all for giving your children the best childhood possible, despite your divorce.

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