Divorced Parent to Parent Transfers: How to Minimize Stress for Your Child
For children of divorce moving between homes is stressful enough without the transfers themselves being upsetting.  There are many ways in which parents can turn simple transfers into real nightmares.  If your transfers are unnecessarily stressful following these tips for minimizing your child’s parent-to-parent transfer:  General Tips Keep your child’s transfer as brief as possible even if your child attempts to delay by trying to engage you in an activity with them. Say “hello” and “goodbye” to the other parent even if they do not speak to you. Your child needs to see that you are reasonable and civil in spite of the other parent’s action. Simple salutations only should occur at transfers. This is not the time for discussions. If the other parent attempts to start a discussion just say, “I’d like to speak with you regarding that but now isn’t the time.  Give me a call or email

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