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HELPFUL TOOLS for PARENTS & CHILDREN from ROSALIND SEDACCA, FOUNDER CHILD-CENTERED DIVORCE NETWORK SUPPORT SYSTEM:   Personal One-on-One Coaching Sessions: Divorce/Single Parenting/Co-Parenting – Virtual/phone: Individually or both Parents  Need help or support with any issues related to divorce and parenting? I don’t offer legal advice, but can guide you to better communication skills, more effective problem-solving, greater self-confidence and successful post-divorce co-parenting or single parenting. To see if I’m a good fit for you, simply send me an email with a brief summary of your challenges. I’ll get back to you with more details about how we can work successfully together!  “My experience with Rosalind has been phenomenal! There are no words to express the support, warmth, and compassion I continue to receive  from her as a coach. I would highly recommend her coaching modalities if you’re facing divorce, and wish to go about the separation in a child-centered approach. Thank you

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