9 Ways Divorcing Parents Can Support Their Kids With Love
Cooperative coparenting supports children By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC As a divorcing parent are you worried about your kids? Most parents share a deep love for their children – along with the desire to protect them from emotional or physical harm. However, when the sanctity of the marriage is disrupted by divorce, things can dramatically change. Divorcing parents don’t always know how to give kids the support they need. Caught up in their own anger and hurt, it’s tempting to lash out, get back at their former partner, and take revenge. Too often, the children are caught in a parental power struggle. Collateral damage when parents vent their frustration or rage. The outcome is painful for everyone in the family! Children crave and need their parent’s support So how can you support your children and parent them effectively throughout this challenging time? And how can you co-parent

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