How Anger & Conflict Sabotages Your Co-Parenting Relationship
By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC While anger is a natural emotion, when faced with a challenging situation, it can also create the most destructive consequences. Not surprisingly it can easily sabotage your co-parenting relationship for you and your children.   Improperly expressed anger accelerates conflict and can produce difficulties between co-parents, children and extended family. The impact also touches friends, your co-workers, neighbors and colleagues. The inappropriate expression of anger can start with some forms of verbal abuse. However, it can also lead to physical violence. Left uncontrolled, it can result in encounters with law enforcement and the judicial system. The impact of mismanaged anger We all get angry and feel anger when “triggered.” However, we always have choices regarding how we act upon those feelings. Acting before thinking can lead to mismanaged anger and heightened conflict. Once you have reacted to anger, you have allowed your feelings to control you.

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