Divorced Parents: Don’t Take Advice from Family and Friends
Divorced Parents: Don’t Take Advice from Family & Friends Be gracious about accepting advice – then do what is congruent for you! By Rosalind Sedacca, CCT Divorce is a subject that, by its very nature, brings up lots of judgments.  Most people seem to have strong opinions about divorce, primarily influenced by their own experiences or the programming of their upbringing. It’s very unlikely that any one argument will change the mind of someone who feels in direct opposition about the subject. This is important to keep this in mind when you find yourself going through the trials of separation or divorce. Your family and friends all mean well. They want to support and help you through any crisis. But be aware that along with their support they bring with them the baggage of opinions and judgments that inevitably color their advice. If you allow yourself to be influenced by

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