Divorced? A quality online scheduling tool can ease the co-parenting process!
By Rosalind Sedacca, CCT Divorce is always more challenging for parents. When both can agree about general parenting philosophies the co-parenting process can be amicable and supportive. However, when the divorce ends in acrimony, too often it leads to spiteful, high conflict parenting which can be extremely harmful for your innocent children. It also creates more tension and stress for both parents who want to move on with their own lives. One way for parents stay on track, co-parent more effectively and reduce sources of conflict is to use an online co-parent scheduling tool. They are designed to eliminate misunderstandings, confusion, inaccurate communication and quarrels about the inevitable changes of plans and last-minute conflicts that come about for divorced parents. They also minimize the stress of co-parenting and make it easier to resolve issues, schedule or re-schedule activates as well as plan vacations, celebrations, medical appointments and other routine family

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