Child-Centered Divorce Network Expert Interview Series for Parents Join Rosalind Sedacca as she interviews some of the most compassionate and knowledgeable divorce and co-parenting experts on the planet. LIZ BECKER:  Divorce Coach &  NLP Expert In this very powerful program Rosalind Sedacca and Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Life Coach Liz Becker discuss How To Create a Positive Outcome for You & Your Children After Divorce. Learn valuable strategies you can use to overcome fear, anxiety, anger and resentment during and after your divorce. You have the power to turn your divorce into a better future for yourself and your children if you learn how to communicate more effectively, release what you can’t control and focus on these life-affirming tools. Listen here.   PHILLIPPA LEVITT: Spiritual Divorce Coach Philippa Levitt, a Debbie Ford Spiritual Divorce practitioner in South Africia, discusses the Key to Creating a Better Future for Yourself & Your Children! She shares the principles that

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