6 Ways To Minimize How Divorce Affects Your Kids!
By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC Communication with our children is always important. But never as essential as when they are impacted by separation or divorce. Children are vulnerable and easily frightened by changes in their routines. The more you talk to and comfort them, the less stress and anxiety they’ll experience. This is the time to reassure your children that you are taking care of matters and everyone in the family will be okay. Then, of course, take responsibility for doing what needs to be done to assure their wellbeing. Here are six important ways you can minimize the negative impact of divorce on your children. Equally important, these six steps will help them thrive during and after your divorce. Focus on following structure and normal routines! Strive to keep as much normalcy in your children’s lives as possible. Maintaining relationships with friends, family and neighbors provides a sense of stability

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