Divorcing In Today’s Economy Mandates Responsible Parenting Decisions
By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC  Is our down-turned economy having an effect on divorce in the U.S. and other nations? Reports from marriage counselors and divorce attorneys around the globe are in agreement. They’re finding many couples who were ready to call it quits are postponing the divorce decision due to financial reasons. In the U.S., with the cost of food, fuel and housing at near-record highs, many couples are just not divorcing. They are afraid they can’t afford it. Does this mean couples are finding new ways to get along and reconsider working on their marriages? In some cases, yes. But for many it just means adapting to continued unhappiness, disappointment and frustration. Children pay the price This, of course, does not bear well for their children. They experience the negative consequences of a distressed marriage. A tough call whether the couple splits or stays together because of economic factors.

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