Family Vacations After Divorce can be rewarding despite the challenges!
By Rosalind Sedacca, CCT Even though divorce is a common reality in today’s world, it can still be emotionally devastating and difficult to accept. During vacation time adults and children can easily be upset by past memories or former traditions that are no longer part of their lives. This can lead to feelings of not being a “real” family anymore. Accusations, guilt, blame and a sense of inadequacy easily fuels conflict that can undermine even the most festive occasions or well-meant plans. Too often post-divorce families set themselves up for disappointment by making comparisons with vacations of the past. Children can erroneously expect certain family traditions to continue. Concerned parents may try to replicate the close bonds and sense of security within the family – and regret that things are just not the same. Instead, think proactively! Start creating new experiences, new memories and new places to explore. By talking

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