Divorce Experts Support Parents With Gift Resources In January For Child-Centered Divorce Month
By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC  For the past 14 years January has been recognized as International Child-Centered Divorce Month. Divorce professionals on four continents around the world have come together on a special website with free gifts and resources for parents. These include ebooks, coaching services, video webinars and more for parents facing, moving through or transitioning after divorce. You are invited to visit https://www.divorcedparentsupport.com for immediate access to many of these valuable gifts. January, following the winter holiday season, is the month when most divorces are filed. This year, due to the pandemic, divorces are increasing around the world. And co-parenting challenges for already divorced parents are increasing. That’s why it’s so important for parents, therapists, attorneys, educators and other professionals to put children's needs first when divorce or separation is pending. Poor parental decisions lead to bad divorce outcomes for kids! Most of the negative consequences of divorce result

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