Author Sarah Armstrong’s Book Guides Moms to a Good Divorce
The Mom’s Guide to a Good Divorce is a practical guide for any woman going through a divorce, filled with everything she needs to think through in order to always do what is best for her children. The guide is written by Sarah Armstrong in a conversational tone from one mom to another. Served up in bite-sized pieces, the goal is to help women with children navigate the entire divorce process and post-divorce phase in a manner that will ultimately put it in the category of a “good divorce.” According to Armstrong, after reflecting on the benefits noted in her book, there may be more willingness among couples to consider a collaborative-type divorce arrangement, mediation or an amicable traditional divorce rather than the usual contentiousness that is all too familiar. Coping with the stress compassionately One strategy Armstrong employed was to create a strong network of close girlfriends and “energy

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