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Child Centered Divorce
The caring support you need if you're a parent who's facing ... going through ... or moving on after divorce!
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Created by Rosalind Sedacca, CDC
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6 Break the Divorce News to the Kids Mes...

6 Break the Divorce News to the Kids Messages for Divorcing Parents
By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC The best approach to breaking the divorce news to your children! One of the most difficult conversations any parent will ever have is telling their children about their pending divorce. I know first-hand because many years ago I went through the experience. I fought and faced the overwhelming emotions. The deep gut-wrenching fear. The continuous anxiety. The incredible guilt. And the oppressive weight of shame. My son, after all, was innocent. A sweet, gentle soul who loved his father and mother dearly. He certainly did not deserve this. I struggled with the anxiety for weeks in advance. When should I tell him? How should I tell him? Should we tell him together? And most frightening of all, WHAT SHOULD WE SAY? How do you explain to a child that the life he has known, the comfort he has felt in his family

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How Do I Tell the Kids

How Do I Tell the Kids
If you’re a parent facing separation or divorce … Don’t make your children pay the price for your divorce! Learn the mistakes to avoid – before you make them – for the sake of your kids!   You’re facing the most difficult conversation you may ever have.  And you want to get it “right.”  You don’t want to hurt your children.  Because there’s so much at stake. My name is Rosalind Sedacca. I’ve been where you are now – and I understand how you feel. Anxious, worried … maybe even terrified at the prospect of talking to your kids about the changes ahead. That’s why I wrote my internationally acclaimed ebook,  HOW DO I TELL THE KIDS ABOUT THE DIVORCE? … a Create-a-Storybook Guide To Preparing Your Children – With Love!    Endorsed by therapists, attorneys, mediators, coaches, educators and other divorce professionals world-wide. At a time when it’s hard

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