Demonizing Divorce? What’s Best For YOUR Kids?
The Divorce/Separation Path By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC Divorce is rarely an outcome married couples expect or anticipate. But marital strife can take its toll. For many, divorce is the chosen path for coping with relationship challenges. This makes divorce a rather controversial topic. Google the subject and you’ll find conflicting perspectives on every facet of divorce, especially when it comes to parenting issues. Of course that comes as no surprise to every mother and father who battled with the guilt, anxiety, fears and insecurities that rear up when contemplating divorce and its aftermath. As you know, the Child-Centered Divorce Network welcomes this kind of dialogue. I participate in many Summits and discussion groups. I comment on many blogs and write columns for several divorce and relationship websites. I offer my own advice and opinions on topics related to divorce and its effect on children. SHOULD WE

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