Domestic Abuse Includes Using the Kids to Punish Your Ex
Domestic Violence & Abuse impacts Children & Co-Parents Daily By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC October is Domestic Violence & Domestic Abuse Awareness Month. It is a time for all divorced parents to reflect on their relationship with their former spouse. Is that relationship subtly or overtly affecting the emotional and psychological wellbeing of your children? One of the most hurtful aspects of divorce and domestic Abuse -- which is often overlooked – is Parental Alienation. That’s when one parent tries to keep the other from contact with the children – usually as punishment. Threatening To Keep Your Ex From the Kids Divorced parents can quickly learn ways to abuse their power over the other parent by using the children as a lever. Among the most harmful of these types of manipulations is making demands and threatening to eliminate or restrict contact with the kids if your ex

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