6 “Other Woman/Man” Mistakes Divorcing Parents Must Never Make!
By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC When there’s an “other woman” (OW) in the picture, divorce can be vastly more complicated for parents. (Of course, it’s the same with the “other man.”) However, the challenges that can come with the "other woman” don't change the parenting rules. Affairs and new relationship partners mean you’re coping with tremendous emotional turmoil. And you deserve to be heard, validated and treated with great compassion at this time. But your kids deserve great compassion as well! When you’re a parent it is essential that you don’t make the big “never do” mistakes. It’s especially important when talking to your children and dealing with the OW – as tempting as it may be to do otherwise. That's the foundation of a successful child-centered divorce. Here are 6 damaging behaviors and “never do” mistakes you must avoid to show you love your kids more than you hate the

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