5 Keys To Help Your Kids Transition Between Post-Divorce Homes
By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC Parenting plans and contact schedules are an important part of divorce proceedings. They help create a semblance of routine in this new chapter of family life for divorcing parents. And for the children  you love. I am a strong believer in co-parenting whenever possible to serve the best interest of your children. But not all couples can work together with civility and harmony. So sometimes parallel parenting becomes the plan. That usually translates into you both parent the children but with minimum communication between one another. Keep in mind that your kids pick up on the emotional energy around their parents. It's no surprise that life after divorce is smoother and easier when both parents behave maturely and responsibly.   However you work out your shared parenting plan, it’s the day-to-day challenges of post-divorce life that puts all co-parents to the test. Here are 5 important

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