When Alcohol Abuse Impacts Co-Parenting, Soberlink is a Trusted Solution
By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC Alcohol addiction can dramatically affect any co-parenting relationship, jeopardizing children’s safety and impacting the parent-child relationship. That’s when Soberlink comes into play. It’s been a trusted solution for co-parents for over a decade, providing two crucial benefits: it helps parents prove their sobriety in custody and alcohol cases and helps improve the safety and well-being of their children. Proving Sobriety and Rebuilding Trust Soberlink is a remote alcohol monitoring technology. It’s specifically designed to assist parents who have struggled with alcohol abuse or have been falsely accused of alcohol abuse. By using this device, parents can provide concrete, court-admissible evidence of their sobriety. Consequently, Soberlink helps to rebuild trust between co-parents while protecting innocent children. Soberlink’s high-tech breathalyzer device offers advanced features such as facial recognition and tamper detection, ensuring the integrity of each test. The innovative system also provides real-time updates, promoting swift intervention to

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