Breaking The Divorce News To Your Kids: 6 Must-Tell Messages
By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC When faced with divorce, at some point you need to have the dreaded “tell the kids” talk with your children. To prepare and support them in the best possible way, it's best for both parents to have the conversation together with the children. Take your time, be empathic, and be sure to include these 6 crucial break-the-divorce news messages: OUR DIVORCE IS NOT YOUR FAULT. Parents need to understand that most children, regardless of their age, will feel guilty and believe they hold some blame for their parents’ divorce. Parents need to remind kids often, in different ways, that they are not responsible, even when the parents have been fighting about the children. Your kids are always innocent and need to believe this. Don't let them try to "fix" your parental problems, as we all know they are powerless to do so. And it’s not their responsibility. YOUR

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