When One Divorced Parent Tries To Spoil the Kids
parenting after divorce can be challenging By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC  It’s a common scenario. One divorced parent is spoiling the kids. Usually, they aren’t equally sharing parenting. So they  treat the children to lavish gifts, trips and other indulgences when spending time with the kids. Often the custodial parent may be struggling financially. Which infuriates that parent. In many cases it’s mom who finds herself in that position. However, not always. Either way, it’s a challenging dilemma to tackle. Smart parents know not to bad-mouth the spoiling parent to the kids. (They understand that put-downs will only backfire on them in the long run.) So custodial Mom (or Dad) is looking for suggestions on how to best handle this situation. Not surprisingly, there is often an underlying motive behind this kind of behavior. In many cases i t’s related to how frequently the other parent sees

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