Rosalind Sedacca’s new ebook, How Do I Tell the Kids about the Divorce?, is a “create-a-storybook” guide that helps parents prepare their children for a pending divorce or separation — with compassion and love. The fill-in-the-blanks templates and family album format simplifies one of the toughest conversations any parent will have.

Divorce may be tough on parents, but it’s often much tougher on their children. One of the most difficult conversations any parent will ever have is telling their kids about an upcoming divorce. Rosalind Sedacca, CCT, had that conversation more than a decade ago and used it as the basis for her new ebook, How Do I Tell the Kids about the Divorce? A Create-a-Storybook™ Guide to Preparing Your Children – with Love!

While many books address the topic of children and divorce, none provide a customizable template that doesn’t just …

tell parents what they should say — it says it for them. Parents are guided in preparing an attractive personal family storybook, in a photo-album-type format, that children will want to read. The two age-based fill-in-the-blanks templates talk about the family’s past, present and future, reminding children that change, while often frightening, is a natural part of life. Using age-appropriate language, the text conveys the six key messages parents need to share — and children need to hear, understand and accept.

These vital messages are:
1. This is not your fault
2. Mom and Dad will always love you
3. Mom and Dad will always be your Mom and Dad
4. You are, and will continue to be, safe
5. This is about change, not about blame
6. Everything is going to be okay.

The guidebook also includes commentary and support from six professional therapists who endorse the collaborative divorce concept as well tools such as mediation. Their contribution is immeasurable in assisting families as they face the challenges ahead.

A professional speaker and Certified Corporate Trainer, Sedacca is frequently asked why parents should prepare a storybook — in advance — to help break the news about their separation or divorce. “For the same reason they prepare for vacations, parties and other life events,” she explains. “Planning simplifies the process, keeps you on track and helps avoid regrettable mistakes. Isn’t your pending divorce a subject worth that effort?”

Sedacca’s son, now grown and working in a veterinary hospital as a Cardiology Resident, wrote the Forward to the book, acknowledging the benefits of this unique concept.

“As a divorced parent, my continuing close relationship with my son has been the ultimate pay-off for any and all sacrifices,” says Sedacca. “When I heard my adult son say to me, ‘while the divorce was a tough time, you and Dad did a great job in minimizing the trauma and supporting my needs as I grew up,’ I knew I had to write this book. I need to remind parents that by putting aside their emotional drama when making all those child-related decisions, they can positively influence how their children are affected by separation or divorce. And that’s my ultimate goal.”

Sedacca says she has been receiving enthusiastic endorsements from therapists, mediators, divorce attorneys, educators and clergy throughout the U.S. who strongly advocate the principles of child-centered divorce and are recommending her fill-in-the-blanks guidebook to their clients.

Because it is customizable, How Do I Tell the Kids about the Divorce? is being marketed on the internet as a downloadable ebook at Parents who order the ebook will also receive four bonuses including Sedacca’s new Therapeutic Insights Journal for recording communication notations in the months to come, two Special Reports from contributing family therapist, Dr. C. Paul Wanio, PhD, LMFT, and a complimentary 20-minute telephone coaching session with contributing family therapist, Amy Sherman, MA, LMHC.

Sedacca’s training programs specialize in communication and relationship issues at home and in the workplace. She has facilitated workshops and seminars on creating “conscious” relationships for both singles and couples for many years. Her background also includes more than twenty years of experience in marketing, advertising and public relations as an award-winning copywriter and consultant.

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