By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC

We all know co-parenting can be challenging. And when communication breaks down, it can lead to conflict which negatively impacts the entire family. That’s why, as founder of the Child-Centered Divorce Network, I was so impressed when I learned about the new Co-Parent Hub. It’s a solution designed to eliminate many of the interactions that cause strain in co-parenting relationships. 

The creator of Co-Parent Hub, Alex Pelli, sums it up by saying, “We stop the fighting before it even starts.”

How? By making communication MUCH easier!

When you sign up, you get a Co-Phone and a Co-Email that you put on file with the school, pediatrician, dentist, sport coaches — even parents of your kids’ friends. When they need to get in touch, they use that info and Co-Parent Hub will route the call/text/email to BOTH co-parents at the same time!

This means no missed messages and no being left in the dark.

Plus, since they now only have the one number for both parents, there’s no way for them to call the wrong co-parent — and everyone stays informed!


Alex Pelli, a single dad of two wonderful girls, created the prototype of the Co-Parent Hub after his own divorce. Because co-parenting involves more than just communication, Pelli kept adding tools to address other common sources of conflict: money and custody. With each Co-Parent Hub account, users gain access to Co-Swap and Co-Expense.

Co-Expense tracks shared expenses and streamlines the process of settling debts. Co-Parent expenses are organized in a clear list, making it easy to see how much is owed by each parent. Rather than going through each expense line-by-line, Co-Parent Hub allows for a single payment to settle all debts, saving time and reducing the potential for conflicts.

Co-Swap simplifies planning custody swaps which both parents can easily request. When approved by the co-parent, the swapped time goes into the other parent’s Swap Bank, like an IOU system. Parents can monitor custody time and adjust accordingly. A key benefit of this approach is that it helps avoid elaborate negotiations. It also keeps the parents from acting out of fear, knowing the time will be properly recorded. A historical record is always available to be referenced.

With Co-Phone, Co-Text, Co-Email as well as Co-Expense and Co-Swap, Co-Parent Hub stands apart for its remarkable convenience. You don’t have to check a separate app or install some special software. This makes the use of Co-Parent Hub incredibly simple and seamless.

Co-Parent Hub


Best of all, using Co-Parent Hub reduces the constant drip of negative interactions between parents, resulting in heightened cooperation and smoother communication. Your children will thank you.

“The overwhelming majority of conflict between co-parents centers on poor communication, finances, and custody time,” notes Pelli. “Conflict between co-parents almost always leads to more tension, anger, and stress at home, which negatively impacts the children. The tools we developed for Co-Parent Hub makes most of the toxic communication between co-parents completely unnecessary. Our unique approach to these important concepts is where the magic happens. We’ve seen, first hand, that using these tools produces a much more harmonious environment for children of all ages. It’s our sincere desire to help others achieve this same result.”

Alex Pelli is a strong advocate of the Child-Centered Divorce Network. To show his support he is offering my community the opportunity to try Co-Parent Hub at a special discount. You can get the app for just $1 a month for 3 months! Just enter the code: ROSALIND143 when you sign up!

Visit to start your 3 month discounted trial now!