By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC

When parents divorce or separate there are a multitude of daily details that need to be addressed and shared. Organization and communication become top priorities. That’s why I highly recommend both parents use a co-parenting app designed especially for that purpose.

Some of the most important features should include:

24/7 shared calendar. A good online shared scheduling calendar offers many editing, adding, and sync features. Consequently, organization and simplicity are not mutually exclusive, they just mix together. Never miss a change in child-care schedules, appointments or other activities relevant to your family.

Simple and easy expense management. For so many divorced parents, the financial topic can most often be a conflict topic. An advanced online co-parenting tool can manage all expenses from each parent, while keeping you informed on the situation, day after day, on all additions and subtractions.

Quick and available journal information sharing. Separated parents need not mean a fragmented family. A good journal encourages parents to share any information, news, pictures, videos and even quotes. By keeping up with the journal, even if they are with their other parent, your children will never be far.

Information bank at your fingertips! Looking for the soccer coach’s contact info? Need a doctor? Want to get in touch with the parents of your child’s friend? All that important data and more are stored and ready for your use.

Accessible medical records. Need to know your child’s blood type? Whether your child has allergies? Are they up to date on vaccinations? Want to access their insurance details? It’s all in one place.

Dependable document storage. Your online co-parenting tool will provide space to organize and save your shared documents so they are accessible to whoever you want.

Notifications keep you alert. Stay informed on your account’s activities via email and push notifications (cell phone). Configure, at your leisure, the type of notification with the type of activity so you don’t miss a single thing.

Photo albums. A good scheduling tool also gives you the opportunity to share or download optimal resolution photos in a closed and secure environment. Even more memories to save and enjoy.

All of the above features, and more, are available to you in one online co-parenting app:  2Houses. It’s my first choice.

2houses is less expensive than other widely used online scheduling tools. The price is just $149 for the entire family (both parents and all children) for a year. It also has extra features. One that I like a lot enables children to participate within a limited environment giving them access to photos and the calendar, for example.

To learn more about 2houses, visit them at