The Power of Forgiveness in Divorce: The Gift You Give Yourself!
The Divorce/Separation Path By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC Most all mental health practitioners consider forgiveness to be a major step forward in coping with life's harshest experiences. Divorce certainly fits into that category. It's important to explore the value of forgiving yourself for anything related to your past relationships and the divorce. In that way you can benefit from learning lessons that life gives us for personal growth Self-Forgiveness is a Healthy Personal Choice! Forgiveness starts by making a decision to forgive.  That decision frees you to let go of the old hurts. You give yourself permission to release the negative emotions associated with past and present relationship partners. You then choose to not let their decisions, comments and actions hurt you anymore.  The healing choice is yours to make! Unless you forgive others, your feelings of resentment, hurt and humiliation will continue being an active part

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