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Child Centered Divorce
The caring support you need if you're a parent who's facing ... going through ... or moving on after divorce!
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Created by Rosalind Sedacca, CDC
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An Encouraging Message to Parents from T...

An Encouraging Message to Parents from The Voice of Child-Centered Divorce!
Rosalind Sedacca, CDC As The Voice of Child-Centered Divorce, my mission is to support parents and collaborate with divorce professionals in making the best decisions regarding the emotional and psychological effects of divorce on children.  I’m a divorced parent as well as a Divorce & Co-Parenting Coach. I’ve experienced all the insecurities, anger, fears and anxieties that come with divorce.  Like you, my primary concern was minimizing any negative effects on my child — not only in the months ahead, but in the decades to follow, too. I learned a lot about mistakes to avoid, smart steps to take and skills to learn — which I want to share with you – all on behalf of the children you love! So you can make the best decisions every step of the way.  Parents: Divorce Doesn't Have To Emotionally Scar Your Children I believe that it is not

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Does Divorce Scar Children? Or Selfish P...

Does Divorce Scar Children? Or Selfish Parents?
Divorce catches kids in the middle By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC Divorce is a highly emotional topic. When children are involved, the consequences are far more dramatic. And not surprisingly, so are our opinions. I know many people sincerely believe that no divorce is a good divorce. They argue that children are always harmed by the physical and emotional separation of their parents. Therefore, parents should – for the sake of the kids – just stick it out. They should not consider divorce until the children are grown. This is a particularly prevalent view for many adult children of divorce. Too often they have experienced the dramatic life changes that come with divorce. Many feel permanently scarred as a result. That response is certainly understandable. But it’s not the final word on this subject. I have another perspective. It’s based on the experience of being raised in

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