Rosalind Sedacca, CDC

Rosalind Sedacca, CDC

As The Voice of Child-Centered Divorce, my mission is to support parents and collaborate with divorce professionals in making the best decisions regarding the emotional and psychological effects of divorce on children. 

I’m a divorced parent as well as a Divorce & Co-Parenting Coach. I’ve experienced all the insecurities, anger, fears and anxieties that come with divorce.  Like you, my primary concern was minimizing any negative effects on my child — not only in the months ahead, but in the decades to follow, too.

I learned a lot about mistakes to avoid, smart steps to take and skills to learn — which I want to share with you – all on behalf of the children you love!

So you can make the best decisions every step of the way. 

Parents: Divorce Doesn’t Have To Emotionally Scar Your Children

I believe that it is not divorce itself that negatively affects our children. It is the parent’s approach to divorce that determines whether their children will be angry, insecure, frightened or in other ways emotionally scarred from the divorce experience.

I encourage all divorcing parents to remember their roles and responsibilities towards their children. In that way we can prevent unnecessary pain, suffering, confusion, guilt or shame for them at this difficult time in their lives.

I am passionate about enlisting the legal, therapeutic and educational communities around the world to bring a heightened awareness about ways to create the most positive and harmonious outcomes for families transitioning through divorce. My goal is to spread the word that when parents divorce, their children need them more than ever.

Avoid Damaging Mistakes That Hinder Cooperative Co-Parenting

I want to help you avoid the mistakes that create emotional pain for your children. I’m here to help you stay out of the courts whenever possible. I encourage you to be a compassionate, loving parent who understands your children’s need to have both their parents in their lives. Every decision you make has consequences. Creating a cooperative co-parenting experience is a gift to your children that they certainly deserve!

Contact me to discuss your needs and how I can serve them. I provide one to one coaching via phone or video. I also have created numerous ebooks, e-courses and programs — at very low prices — to support you before, during and long after divorce. This includes my signature ebook, How Do I Tell the Kids About the Divorce? as well as my 8-hr Anger Management For Co-Parents and Dating After Divorce programs for women and men. 

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