Coach Janet Price Supports Child-Centered Divorce Month with her Expertise
Ready to end the toxic communication and court proceedings! Tired of the power games and threats? Learn how to respond so that negative communication is shut down. Welcome to Conscious Co-Parenting with JANET PRICE  -- Divorce, Co-Parenting & Life Transition Coach  Most parents believe a divorce is or was the best option for you and your children to achieve a life of peace and happiness. However, for many, the divorce has brought about a whole different interchange of drama. The new peaceful life you imagined is far from what you and your children are living. Whether you are currently divorced or not, the problems in a high-conflict relationship are similar:  Personal attacks via text messages, emails, & phone calls from your partner or ex spouse   Attempts by your partner or ex spouse to control or change the agreements regarding the children   Your anxiety is through the roof because the other parent quizzes

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