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 Most parents believe a divorce is or was the best option for you and your children to achieve a life of peace and happiness. However, for many, the divorce has brought about a whole different interchange of drama. The new peaceful life you imagined is far from what you and your children are living.

Whether you are currently divorced or not, the problems in a high-conflict relationship are similar: 

  • Personal attacks via text messages, emails, & phone calls from your partner or ex spouse  
  • Attempts by your partner or ex spouse to control or change the agreements regarding the children  
  • Your anxiety is through the roof because the other parent quizzes the children about your activities or uses them as “pawns” to trigger you  
  • Stalking or smear campaigns pop up behind your back labeling you as “the toxic one” 
  • You’ve provided all the evidence in the world to validate your argument, but the goal posts have been moved yet again and your partner or ex spouse demands more proof or creates another expectation for you to prove
  • You experience other abusive behaviors such as name-calling, condescending sarcasm, patronizing, gaslighting, and MORE 

It’s time to STOP the insanity and experience a life of peace!  

Janet Price understands and has been exactly where you are. She didn’t have the tools and skills necessary to navigate a high-conflict co-parent relationship, so she managed the best she could with the limited knowledge she had. 

Now, however, she has overcome her divorce and co-parenting nightmare. That’s why she can confidently guide and encourage you in yours! 

Janet Price is committed to end the generational cycle of pain and suffering caused when divorced parents unconsciously co-parent. This gift enables their children and future children to experience the freedom and joy of happy, healthy childhoods raised in strong, loving, child-focused homes.

Love and Be Loved!

Janet offers programs designed for four distinct phases any parent experiences when divorce becomes part of their life. They all have ONE END RESULT… 

Your Children feel FREE to LOVE and BE LOVED by both of their parents!

You will shift your perspective and start focusing on what really matters, your children.

You will learn life-changing coping and communication skills that are easy to understand, quick to implement, and designed to turn around negative and abusive situations immediately.

You will discover you DO HAVE CONTROL to change the direction of your difficult life path into one that is smoother, happier, and more peaceful. You and your children can experience how life is meant to be lived…in HARMONY & JOY!

Get started in reclaiming your life today!  


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