Proving Sobriety With Soberlink
By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC Since its inception in 2011, Soberlink has been a leader in monitoring blood alcohol content for Family Law, Addiction Treatment, and Workplace Compliance. The remote breathalyzer, utilizing facial recognition technology similar to that on your phone, ensures the test-taker's identity and sends immediate results to specified contacts. This not only proves sobriety but also offers peace of mind to all concerned parties. Additionally, the device is equipped with smart technology to detect any attempts to deceive the test, ensuring the integrity of the results. Embracing Convenience, Speed, and Reliability Soberlink's alcohol monitoring is not punitive but rather a tool designed to ensure the wellbeing of both parents and children. Soberlink simplifies the process of remote alcohol testing, offering convenience, speed, and reliability—especially in custody and alcohol-related cases. The system’s Advanced Reporting feature uses AI to generates easy-to-understand testing reports, as well, so Family Law professionals and

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