The first weeks and months after a separation or divorce can be quite challenging. With soColor Through Divorce many emotions — especially anger, sadness and fear — fighting for your attention, it’s a wonder you make it through your day.

To complicate matters even more, not only are you worried about yourself but you are worried about your kids too.

  • What will the effects of divorce be on my child?
  • Will I be able to help my child through my divorce?
  • Will their behavior and grades be affected?
  • What do I say if they get sad or mad?
  • What if I don’t know what to say at all?

These and many more questions are probably swirling around your head. They were swirling around my head when I faced my divorce and most every parent has the same concerns.

Sara Woodard-Ortiz is no different. After finding out that her husband had been cheating on her for two years, she packed up her toddler and moved in with her parents.

While worried about how she could provide for herself and her daughter, she was even more concerned about protecting her from the effects of divorce on children. Even at her young age, she realizes something is not right. Other children have their parents under the same roof. Other children’s parents hug and laugh and kiss. She understands her parents are not like her friend’s parents. And Sara can tell it confuses and hurts her.

So Sara created Color Through Divorce.

Color Through Divorce is a therapeutic coloring book to help mom and child bond and grow together during and after separation and divorce. This coloring book is designed so mom and child can color at the same time. The right side is for mom and the left side is for the child. There are also some activities that mom and child complete together. Each page is filled with unique drawings and offers a multi-faceted approach to dealing with all the emotions that come with separation and divorce.

Sara’s message: Take a break from the stress and spend precious time coloring with your child. In her coloring book you will find motivation and support to keep your life on track through your separation and divorce. She shares information about health, wellness, yummy food, motivation, love & marriage, and more.

“When I found out my husband had been cheating on me I thought my life was ruined. I went through the first horrible steps of the healing process and promised myself I would NOT end up the “bitter ex”.

I realized early on that if I was going to make it through my divorce I needed tools. Over the last year I have built those tools and I would love to share them with you. Through it all, I’ve built my support system of close family and friends. Now I want to help you through this horribly stressful time. My hope is that you come out the other side as a new and improved you. Join me to turn your divorce into an opportunity to thrive!”

I was impressed with the coloring book. In its pages you will find:

  • 50 beautiful drawings to color
  • Activities that bring you and your child closer together
  • Connection Questions to help you start difficult conversations with your child about the changes in your family
  • Prompts to help you and your child support each other through this rough time
  • A much-needed break from your worry about your separation and divorce
  • Precious time to begin the healing process
  • Inspirational quotes to help get you through your day
  • A create outlet for your child to begin working through his or her emotions

It’s a beautiful book that conveys a beautiful message of help and support during challenging times. Parents of children through elementary school age will benefit from these guided Mother-Child activities.

You can learn more about Color Through Divorce by visiting

Sara also offers a Heartly Broken Separation Workbook designed to provide help and guidance through the first stages of grief after separation.

I found it to be well-written, compassionate and supportive. Her kit will help you:

  • manage your emotions
  • find a support system
  • build a solid foundation to thrive through your divorce
  • help prevent you from becoming the “bitter ex”
  • realize that you are winning and that divorce is not the end of your world
  • establish your personal rights as a women who is in pain and grieving 

The Kit Includes:

  • 24-page, full-color workbook
  • 5 worksheets
  • Bonus Worksheet
  • Audio recording of entire workbook
  • 10-minute video introduction
  • Full access to the Thrive Through Divorce Facebook Group

You can learn more about the Heartly Broken Separation Workbook at:


Don’t tackle divorce and its aftermath alone. Reach out to the Child-Centered Divorce Network for valuable resources such as the one’s reviewed here. You’ll find many others listed in our Recommended Resources list and Helpful Tools.