2021 International Child-Centered Divorce Month logoIn recognition of International Child-Centered Divorce Month in January, divorce experts around the world are joining together with a goal. They provide complimentary educational resources for parents. Included are e-books, e-courses, coaching services, video programs and other valuable material. Parents who are contemplating divorce, divorcing or transitioning after divorce can access this information for free at a special website available only in January …


January is the time for new beginnings. There’s a dramatic spike in divorce filings because parents facing divorce frequently wait until after the holidays to tell their children. There are also tax considerations that motivate many to initiate a divorce at this time. 

Safeguarding Children From Regrettable Divorce Decisions

International Child-Centered Divorce Month is focused on educating parents about how divorce can affect innocent children. The participating divorce attorneys, mediators, coaches, therapists and parenting experts are there to help. They guide parents in making wiser, more compassionate decisions mindful of the emotional and psychological impact of divorce on children.

Rosalind Sedacca, CDC, who initiated Child-Centered Divorce Month  in 2007, sums up the importance of this month-long event. “Our purpose is support, education and mistake prevention. We want to encourage respectful co-parenting, teach effective communication skills, and guide parents away from litigation and toward amicable, and cooperative, mediated solutions whenever possible. We provide better options for parents when breaking the divorce news to their children. We show them how to co-parent more effectively. And we help them make wiser decisions that safeguard their children as a win/win for everyone in the family.”

Sedacca is Founder and Director of the Child-Centered Divorce Network. She is also a Certified Divorce & Co-Parenting Coach. Rosalind is the author of several divorce courses and books including, How Do I Tell the Kids About the Divorce? A Create-a-Storybook Guide to Preparing Your Children — With Love!  In addition, she hosts the Divorce, Dating & Empowered Living radio show and podcast.

Supporting Families During & Long After Divorce


International Child-Centered Divorce Month is supported by professionals and organizations that are focused on strengthening the family dynamic during and after divorce. One such company is Soberlink, whose remote recovery technology makes monitoring alcohol use in divorce custody cases, easy, convenient and discreet. The advanced features, including facial recognition, empower parents who are in the fight against alcohol addiction. Their tools help to protect children while rebuilding trust and peace of mind. 

eNew Beginnings

eNew Beginnings, created by Family Transitions, is a program that teaches tools within the four building blocks of effective parenting after divorce or separation. eNBP provides  the nation’s leading research-based online parenting classes. The classes offer positive activities for having more fun with children. They provide listening tools to get children to share more. They also demonstrate effective strategies for decreasing children’s misbehavior as well as proven ways to protect children from conflict with an ex-partner.

Sarah Armstrong

Author Sarah Armstrong lends her support through the messages in her new book, A Mom’s Guide To A Good Divorce: What to think through when children are involved. Her guidance, written in a conversational tone, is served up in bite-sized pieces. It prepares mothers for the discussions they need to have and the decisions they need to make. While focusing on the children … the message reminds moms to prioritize themselves as well.

Janet Price

Additional support comes from Janet Price, a Divorce, Parenting, Co-Parenting & Life Transition Coach. Janet guides parents through the pain of divorce and beyond, so they can rise above the trauma to experience a life of peace and harmony. Her purpose is to  end the generational cycle of pain and suffering caused when parents ‘Un’ Consciously co-parent. Through her coaching she enables parents to help their children grow into emotionally healthy adults. The children are boosted by the freedom and joy to love and be loved by both of their parents!

For access to the complimentary resources provided by divorce experts world-wide in January, visit: https://www.divorcedparentsupport.com

Rosalind Sedacca, CDC can be reached at www.childcentereddivorce.com or at [email protected]

Soberlink can be reached through Samantha Gianatti at [email protected] or https://www.soberlink.com.

Family Transitions can be reached through CEO Greg Scaven at [email protected] or https://www.divorceandparenting.com

Sarah Armstrong can be reached through Christy Cassidy at [email protected]

Janet Price can be reached at [email protected] or https://www.jpcoachingandconsulting.com.