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Child Centered Divorce
The caring support you need if you're a parent who's facing ... going through ... or moving on after divorce!
  - Divorce and Co-Parenting
  - Parenting Children of Divorce
  - Dating as a Divorced Parent
Created by Rosalind Sedacca, CDC
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eNew Beginnings: the Nation’s Leading On

eNew Beginnings: the Nation’s Leading Online Program for Divorced and Separating Parents!
Being a single parent after a divorce or separation can be challenging. That's why Family Transitions developed the eNew Beginnings course. It’s recognized as the most well-researched and effective online parenting classes available today. Equally important, It’s also designed to support moms and dads in being the kind of parent they want to be during this stressful time. eNew Beginnings focuses on the building blocks of effective parenting after divorce or separation. Through separate classes for moms and dads, the programs offer the best evidence of positive outcomes for children. Both parents benefit from learning: Practical Tools to Protect Children from Conflict How to Reduce Interparental Conflict Ways to Decrease Children’s Mental Health Problems Listening Tools to Get Children to Share More Skills to Improve Parent’s Relationship with Children Effective Tools to Decrease Children’s Misbehaviors Positive Activities to Enjoy with Their Children Long-term payoffs: Proven Positive Outcomes: The eNew Beginnings

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Breaking the Divorce News To My Son Was ...

Breaking the Divorce News To My Son Was Both Traumatic & Transformative!
The best approach to breaking the divorce news to your children! By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC I’ve faced many difficult moments in my life. But preparing to tell my son that I will be divorcing his father was absolutely one of the worst. He was innocent -- a sweet eleven year-old boy who loved both his parents dearly. He didn’t deserve this. I struggled with anxiety for weeks. When should we tell him? What should we say? How do you tell a child that the life he has known is about to be disrupted – forever? How do you tell him that it’s not his fault? And how do you prepare him for all the unknowns looming ahead when you’re not sure yourself how it will turn out? Was I making the right decision? Will my son hate me for initiating a divorce that embattled me with

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