The Opportunity of Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day a big part of this month, I’m sharing with you commentary written by my friend Lisheyna S. Hurvitz M.A. Ed., a licensed mental health counselor in private practice in Boca Raton, FL.

Every February we get reminded that Valentine’s Day is close by which means love is “in the air” — or is it? People start going through their mental lists of who they love, who loves them and will they or won’t they have a special Valentine this year.

This day can especially wreck havoc with those that have recently separated, divorced, widowed or split up from their significant other. Many get depressed and feel left out of the loving holiday spirit if they are single.

The truth is that love is in the air. You do have someone you love in your heart. It could be a mother, brother, child, teacher or other special someone. This holiday is much broader than just associating it with a significant other.

Love comes in many forms and Valentine’s Day is a valuable day to use as a reminder of how blessed we are in ALL of our relationships. It is a day to express gratitude to those that make a difference in our lives. You can send a card to your child thanking them for their love and for being in your life. You can send flowers to your auto mechanic for keeping you and your family safe all year long. You can send cards to family members across the country that you rarely see, letting them know you love and appreciate them.

It is truly a day to celebrate love. I invite you to use the month of February to create an attitude of gratitude for all of the various loving relationships in your life. And then give yourself permission to express that love in words, cards, flowers or whatever moves you.

Have fun with this holiday. There is no need to be depressed if you are not paired up on Valentine’s Day. The more you acknowledge the loving relationships you do have in your life, the more filled with love your heart becomes. And then you too feel more connected to others as they do to you. It is a time when happiness can grow within you and all around you. See how many people you can express your love and appreciation to for this Valentine’s Day and all month long. This project will create more joy for you and everyone around you!

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