If you’re a parent coping with divorce-related issues, professionals around the world are here to provide free gifts and services to you all through January. In recognition of International Child-Centered Divorce Month, we’ve enrolled child-centered divorce mediators, divorce coaches, therapists, financial planners and other professionals on four continents to join this educational campaign. Their goal is to share insights, advice, tips and tools to help you create the most positive outcome for your family as you transition through divorce and beyond.

Here’s just a sampling of the many gifts awaiting you when you visit our special website: www.divorcedparentsupport.com/ebook.

At the website just enter your email address to download free ebooks, coaching services, online parenting classes, audio seminars and much more!  Choose as many gifts as you like. The links are at www.divorcedparentsupport.com/ebook.


Rosalind Sedacca, CCT
Divorce & Parenting Coach and Founder Child-Centered Divorce Network

Successful Divorce & Co-Parenting Expert Interview Series — $100 value
These four MP3 audio coaching programs include interviews with 12 respected Child-Centered Divorce experts – including attorneys, mediators, therapists, parenting coordinator and others – providing valuable tools and guidance in their areas of specialization.

Dr. Dee Adio-Moses
Live Again after Divorce — $17 value
An ebook that brings clarity and opens the doorway to healing the trauma of divorce.

Naomi Douglas, Founder of Divorce Coach Australia
30-minute Divorce Coaching Consultation by phone

Deborah Hecker, Ph.D.
Complimentary Consultation & 30-minute Follow-up Session — $200 value
Package offers free phone/Skype consultation and follow-up session with national divorce expert, Deborah Hecker, Ph.D., who will offer insights and recommendations to assist you in resolving personal, parental or other divorce-related concerns.

Deborah Moskovitch, Divorce Coach
20-minute Free Coaching Session — $60 value
The Smart Divorce one-on-one coaching guides people to have a positive outcome from their divorce – for a happier, healthier future.

Jennifer Safian, Divorce and Family Mediator
ONE hour of FREE Divorce Mediation
Start your divorce process with a 2-hr session in January 2013 and get the 1st hr FREE!

Michelle Muncy, Director of Education: Online Parenting Programs
Free: any one online parenting program! $39 value

Patrick McMillan, Founder of TeachingHappiness.com
Discover Your Happiness – A Guide Just for Kids ebook is filled with lessons and activities that inspire positive thoughts and feelings teaching kids where their true lasting happiness resides, and how to develop habits to access it anytime.

Suzy Miller, Creator of Divorce in a Box (The Alternative Divorce Guide)
Divorce in a Box – the alternative divorce guide – free download
Stay out of court, protect the children and save money with Divorce in a Box booklets, resource DVD and $100?s of introductory sessions with top experts. (UK version also available)

Mimi Lupin, M.A. L.P.C., L.S.S.P.
Swimming with the Dolphins: MP3 audio
Story of an imaginary trip to visit the dolphins who talk to children and help them understand their parents’ divorce.

Dawn Sinnott, Divorce Coach & Host of radio show “Chapter 2: Real Divorce Stories, Real Divorce Support”
My radio show interview with Donna Martini, author of The Ten Commandments of Divorce – How to Leave Your Marriage Without Breaking Up Your Family.  Donna discusses how to get past the anger of your divorce and focus on what’s truly best for your children as well as how important it is to balance the resources between ex-spouses so that children feel at peace with the divorce.

Remember, all these free gifts … and many more … are awaiting you at the special ICCD Month website: www.divorcedparentsupport.com/ebook. Just enter your email address, click the confirmation email link, and you’ll be sent directly to the FREE GIFTS and FREE EVENTS pages. Visit often, all through January.

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Best  New Year Wishes to all!

Rosalind Sedacca, CCT

The Voice of Child-Centered Divorce