January is International Child-Centered Divorce Month

January is International Child-Centered Divorce Month

Join experts in commemorating Child-Centered Divorce Month

In the U.S. today nearly 4 out of 10 first marriages end in divorce. Even more significant, 60% of divorcing couples have children, resulting in more than one million kids each year experiencing the divorce of their parents.

The consequence of parental divorce takes its toll on everyone in the family. An estimated 25 million children (36%) live apart from their biological father with about 26% of absentee fathers living in a different state than their kids. Close to 17 million children (25%) are living with their single mothers.

It may come as no surprise that more divorces are initiated in January than in any other month. A large majority of parents wait until after the holiday season before breaking the divorce news to their children.

For this reason the Child-Centered Divorce Network chose January to commemorate its annual recognition of International Child-Centered Divorce Month. The purpose of ICCD Month is to educate parents and the media about how to prevent, identify and address negative consequences for children during and after separation or divorce.

To help parents minimize the negative effects of divorce on children we provide useful advice, tools and resources they can use to protect and support their kids through successful co-parenting following divorce.

We do this by enlisting family-focused divorce experts — attorneys, mediators, therapists, financial planners, coaches and other professionals around the world. Each one provides complimentary support to help parents best cope with divorce and parenting issues. This support takes the form of free ebooks, coaching sessions, videos, audio programs, special reports and other useful, downloadable, content-rich material of value to families facing challenges related to divorce and its aftermath.

These free gifts are available throughout the month of January at a special website: www.divorcedparentsupport.com/ebook.

Once parents or other family members click on the website and enter their email address, they will receive an ebook on Post-Divorce Parenting from Rosalind Sedacca, CDC, founder of the Child-Centered Divorce Network. They also get immediate access to all the other gifts and activities from participating divorce experts in North America, Europe, Australia, and beyond.

In addition, parents will also find listings of complimentary workshops, teleseminars, expert interviews and other special events in January to commemorate ICCD Month. Simply check the Events Calendar at www.divorcedparentsupport.com/ebook.

According to Sedacca, who is a Divorce & Parenting Coach: In the heat of the emotional drama, confusion and upheaval that often comes with divorce, we can forget the impact it has on our children. But it’s essential to understand that regardless of your own emotional state, you must put your children’s needs first when making decisions related to divorce or separation. That’s not always easy, especially if your partner doesn’t agree with you on parenting parameters. That’s why we’ve assembled such an outstanding selection of support materials and services from experts who are committed to the child-centered approach to divorce.

Sedacca’s Child-Centered Divorce Network embraces both mothers and fathers without gender bias. She provides helpful coaching services, articles, e-courses and other resources for parents and co-parents year-round at www.ChildCenteredDivorce.com.

For more information about International Child-Centered Divorce Month plus access to all the free gifts and special events taking place in January visit: www.divorcedparentsupport.com/ebook.