brittany.Promo_Code-_(2)By Rosalind Sedacca, CCT

Children of divorce face challenges other kids don’t have. In most cases, they don’t see Mom and Dad at the same time in the same home. They travel between homes and can spend days, weeks – even months – between visits with their other parent.

Fortunately today’s technology makes life easier for these kids than ever before. Email, texting, notebooks and smart phones can build bridges with parents at a distance. But with the convenience also comes anxiety as parental stress mounts regarding how to ensure safe communication when using email and social media.

  • Are your children being protected from spam, vulgarity, viruses and predators while on the internet, smart phones and tablets?
  • Have you lost parental control over who they contact and what they say?
  • Do you feel your children are safe when communicating with you, their other parent, family and friends?

KidsEmail is great tool for families of divorce. It provides safe email on any device along with email monitoring so you always know who they are contacting as well as who is contacting them.

Useful features include:

MAIL MONITORING: Parents can get a copy of all incoming and outgoing email sent to and from your child.

MAIL QUE: Allows parents to intercept an email that fails safety rules you set (such as someone not in their contact list attempting to send them an email).

CONTACT MANAGER: You can add family and friends to your child’s contact list – and deny sending or receiving emails from those not on the list.

TIME RESTRICTIONS: You can choose to restrict times of the day or week your child can login.

GPS TRACKER: By using the free mobile app you can access the GPS enabled mobile device for a historical location of where your child has been.

BLOCK SENDERS: You can create a custom blacklist of specific people to block from contact with your child.

CUSTOM MAILBOX FOLDERS: Your child can create their own custom mail folders to organize received email.

NO ADS: KidsEmail doesn’t allow any advertising on their site so kids never see anything inappropriate.

Additional options for added protection …

  • Control Attachment Types: ?Only allow specific attachment types such as: images, pictures, video, mp3s, zip, pdf, Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.
  • Remove Links and Images: This is a simple setting that can be enabled/disables if desired.
  • Offensive Word Filter: ?Filter out all offensive words found in incoming emails.
  • Spam Filtering?: Kids Email works hard to keep spam out of your kids email inbox! Parents can rest assured that their child won’t get inappropriate spam in their inbox.
  • Activity Log: Logs when your child logs in and when they attempted to login during a restricted time.
  • Template Options: ?Kids can modify the look and feel of their account by choosing from several fun templates.


We especially like these …

Read It Feature: Designed to help children develop their reading skills. Children can easily select “read it” on an incoming message, which will then read the email out loud to the child. Kids can have fun and improve their confidence while learning to read their email on their own.

Drawing Board: This enables kids to express themselves by drawing and sending pictures via email to friends and family. Kids love being able to share their creativity with their loved ones!

Advanced Mode for Older Kids: Designed to grow with your child, KidsEmail can start your child with an e-mail address and as they grow parents can change the settings for the child’s email address to switch to There’s a separate login page for teens and older settings. Kids love being able to keep their account and not be associated as a “kid” and parents love that their kids can keep their safe email account as their child grows older.

IMPORTANT NOTE: KidsEmail is a powerful and useful tool for divorced parents to encourage communication with both parents. It should never be used to spy on your co-parent, restrict them from contact with your child or to control healthy interaction between co-parent and child. Those behaviors are not only illegal, they create emotional turmoil for your children on a long-term basis. Use this valuable resource to encourage a positive relationship between your child and their other parent in every possible way.



KidsEmail is quite reasonably priced: just $2.99 a month for an annual contract or $4.95 on a per-month basis. Best of all, members of the Child-Centered Divorce community can get a 2-month/60-day free trial!

Just click on the link below and add the code: CCD on the order form.