Two Families NowBy Rosalind Sedacca, CCT

I was quite impressed with an on-line video course created especially for divorcing and divorced or separated parents. Its child-centered approach and message aligns well with the teachings of the Child-Centered Divorce Network. The program is titled, Two Families Now.

The Two Families Now parenting class helps parents lower their stress level and protect children from conflict during the family transition process. The class increases parents’ knowledge and awareness of divorce-related factors that affect children. It also helps parents build new skills that will access critically needed social support to help buffer the impact of divorce on your children.

As a parent you want to raise children with a healthy sense of self-worth. You want children who are trusting and trust-worthy — who are open to creating loving relationships in their lives. I firmly believe it’s not divorce per se that emotionally scars children. It’s how you, as a parent, model your behavior before, during and after your divorce. If you model maturity, dignity and integrity whenever challenges occur, that’s what your children will see and the path they will take in their own relationships. You can’t make life choices for them, but you sure can influence their choices and perceptions about the world when they are still young and vulnerable!

This 4-6 hour on-line program uses 20 engaging short videos to show right way/wrong way real life scenarios. The course is self-paced, easily accessible, and also available in Spanish.

Two Families Now tackles issues you are likely to be facing as a divorced parent – and helps you make the best choice. One example is the temptation to put down or share negative information about your ex.

Minding your tongue around your children can be one of the most difficult behaviors to master after a divorce. It is also one of the behaviors that will reap the greatest rewards in the well-being of your family. Your anger, bitterness and indiscriminate remarks will affect and harm your children. Keep a “conscious” diligence on your commentary and your ex is more likely to follow suit, as well. If he or she doesn’t, your kids will naturally pick up on the different energy and gravitate toward the parent taking the high road. Ultimately that parent will win their respect and admiration. Shouldn’t that be you?

Parents are tested throughout the course and have opportunities to create a journal, print worksheets, and listen to a variety of podcasts for extra assistance.  The cost for this comprehensive program, which I highly recommend, is just $49 for a 30-day access!

Two Families Now is approved by the states of Nebraska and Florida for their mandatory parenting education class, and is accepted in many courts nationwide.

I highly recommend the Two Families Now program and invite you to check it out for yourself. Click here now!