Just two spots remaining for
Rosalind Sedacca’s new 2009
Child-Centered Divorce Group Coaching Program

Response to my new Child-Centered Divorce Group Coaching Program has been amazing. I’m busily planning the two groups now and have some additional bonuses on tap for each of our participants!

However, there are only two spots remaining for Group 1: Getting Off to the Right Start, designed especially for those of you facing, moving through or recently divorced.

Group 2: Success Strategies for Maintaining a Child-Centered Divorce, will be slightly larger. At this point there are possibly three spots available for this post-divorce parenting group focused on those divorced for more than six months. Even if you’ve been divorced for six years you’ll find valuable information in this program that will benefit everyone in the family.

Here is how it will work:

· Each group will meet every other week for three months, via teleconference, for one hour, to discuss key principles and strategies that will help you emotionally as well as physically get through your days with a better attitude, more ease and enhanced communication skills (to use with both the children and your former spouse.)

· In every session we will explore a new topic to help you move through challenges to a place of confidence and empowerment when dealing with personal and family issues.

· BONUS: I have also planned an additional call with a special Monthly Guest Expert who will share their expertise on topics of crucial importance to you and answer your questions.

· All calls will be recorded so if you miss any sessions you will be able to listen at your convenience or review a call whenever you choose.

· Each participant will have access to a Child-Centered Divorce Forum where you can share experiences, support and insights.

· All materials are included in the program.

· The low cost is only $50 per month!

My goal is to support you in taking positive steps toward experiencing a Child-Centered Divorce that will enhance your life and tangibly benefit you and your children!

Working together as a group — sharing experiences, emotions, challenges and successes — will help motivate you to take bold steps in creating positive change!

If you are ready to maximize your
post-divorce parenting experience,
I invite you to join me in this valuable new program!

For details about dates and time, send me an email
with your time-zone, Group preference and preferred day of the week
[email protected]